• Prayer Vine: We pray together to strengthen our body, mind and spirit and to enable something special to happen in our midst and the wider world. You do not need to come to church or have a specific place to pray.  Just set aside your time wherever you are.  Preferred times: 9:00am, 3:00pm, 9:00pm  but anytime, anywhere at your convenience.Prayer list is regularly distributed by email and in our newsletter.  Further information and prayer requests: Church Office 0466 277 649
  • Thursday Evening Bible Study: We meet in private homes for further study of the scriptures. When: Thursday evenings fortnightly during school terms @ 8pm  Contact: Greg Jacobs 9451 1031
  • Wild Swans – Bible Study:

        English/Chinese Bible Study & Fellowship on every Tuesday @ 10:00 am- 11:30am      during school terms.

        Morning Tea fellowship at 11:30 am- 11:45 am

       We are a group of people from China and Taiwan. We have studied the Bible together    since February 2017 to get to know more about Christian God. We are all beginners on this journey. We share the Good News of Jesus, our stories and a loving fellowship in a safe  place…For more Information contact Mei 0415 211 061 or 0466 277 649

  • Basic English Conversation Classes meets on Tuesday at 11:45am -12:45pm during school terms. Welcome all who need or want to explore English learning.                              Contact: Joey 0402 514 640 or 0466 277 649

  •  Wild Swans Singing Group:  We are all happy when we sing. So we gather together on Tuesdays during holidays to sing praises to God. We will continue to sing and let you know when we will gather next time- very near future. All welcome!

  • Music Ministry Music Ministry: Wednesday  7pm-7.30pm. It is a bright occasion for learning good choral music and enjoying Christian fellowship.
      • Concert Party:  Wednesday  7.30 – 9pm. It is an ecumenical singing group which has had 40 years of brilliant history in the Forest area. We visit mainly Senior citizens’ hostels, villages and some nursing homes. The selection of our program is varied – classical to modern and a mixture of sacred and secular music. In recess due to Covid 19. Musical Directors: Alan Mann (02) 9451 8252  &  Deirdre Dundas
  • Ladies Fellowship:  All ladies are welcome.  When: 3rd Tuesday monthly (Unless otherwise notified). Contact:  Church office 0466 277 649
  • Wild Geese:  Journeying together as a group – a time to share, discuss, explore and challenge: a time to be creative and support each other. When: 4th Friday of each month @ 7.45pm meeting in private homes.  Contact: Church Office 0466 277 649